Shoved the torch into her waistband and

Motion, Ingrid saw google him slide toward the low wall at the youtube edge of the roof, his feet slamming into the bricks. He dropped backward. Klaason shouted something in Dutch. He grabbed the prostrate man by the collar and hauled him to his feet. Then he shoved him toward the rooftop door, his companions following behind. Get over there! he yelled. Ingrid had to get moving. Little by little, she pulled herself vertical, her head spinning as soon as she was upright. She blinked, staggering for a moment. Then she remembered the phone. She scanned the roof for it, praying it hadn't gone over the edge. She spotted its cover first. A moment later she located the phone. She limped toward it and scooped it up, shoving it in a pocket. There was no door on this roof, no obvious way down. She limped to the edge of buy youtube views the building, on the side that ran along the street, and peered over. A rusting metal fire escape zig-zagged down as far as the second floor. Klaason's henchmen appeared on the sidewalk and ran toward her only obvious means of escape. One of them jumped up, trying hard to reach the lower rungs. Ingrid crossed to the opposite side of the roof. The rear of the building looked out onto a goods yard, a tall metal fence protecting it from the street beyond. But no buy youtube views way down. Except one. Directly beneath her the truck she'd seen pulling into the recycled clothing business was parked next to a loading bay. The back of the truck was piled high with rags and old clothes. It was her only option. She climbed onto the low wall, tucked her elbows into her sides, laid her forearms across her chest and stepped off. As she made contact with the clothes she rolled sideways, knees tucked up to her chest. Then she lay completely still, essing the fresh damage. Nothing seemed to hurt more than it had before. She pulled her cell from her pocket and located the picture she'd taken of Klaason's premises. The image was blurry and dark. She stared at it until she could make sense of the strange shapes. She'd seen those shapes before. But not for years. Not since she was a rookie agent working out of a field office in Cleveland. It had been her first big bust: a methamphetamine factory. 30 The crime scene investigators removed the last of the meth making equipment from Klaason's makeshift laboratory: a large set of kitchen scales wrapped in a huge plastic evidence bag. Ingrid had been interviewed by the senior investigating officer from the London Crime Squad at length and had arranged to make a formal statement in the local station house on Monday morning. From what the SIO had told her, it seemed the squad was responsible for making most of the drug busts across the whole of London. My God, you look like you just crawled here from a war zone. Ingrid turned slowly to see Natasha McKittrick, burger in one hand, can of soda in the other, hurrying toward her. Jeez, what are you eating? The aroma of the beef fat and burned onions had Ingrid's stomach roiling. It smells like yesterday's garbage. Thanks for that. If I'd known you were going to nag me about my eating habits I wouldn't have agreed to come. She took another bite. I can never walk past a burger van without buying something. She waved the offending meat sandwich under Ingrid's nose. Want a bite? I'll p. McKittrick shrugged, buy youtube views took another bite and tossed what